Sergiy Nikolayev

I’m a software designer and architect with many years of hands-on experience in the field. I strive for elegant, effective solutions, and have little tolerance for mediocrity. I promote agile software development processes, that rely on talented people, team collaboration and facilitate evolutionary design and architecture.

There was one good thing (among others) they taught me in school – they said “we don’t teach you to know everything, but we teach you where to find it when you need it”. And that’s one advice I’m using all the time! I think this is especially true in a fast changing industry like software development. Therefore I’m trying to stay open-minded, learn new things and evaluate what I know in a search for better ways.

In software design there is no “best way”. It is always a trade-off, which requires a great deal of judgement. So I value analytical skills in people first, and consider fluency in any particular technology a side trait.

I also believe that I cannot be successful in what I do without my family – my wife Natasha, my kids Alex and Sophia, and my Mom, who support me and fill my life with purpose.

My interests outside of software design are Krav Maga self defense, Armwrestling and digital photography in no particular order.

I live in Southport, Connecticut, USA, and work as a senior software engineer in a hedge fund. Below is my resume for those who want to know more about my experience.

Sergiy Nikolayev's Resume